Your Financing Options, Simplified
Financing Options Fit for all Students

We understand that your financial situation is going to be unique to your current position. Paying upfront for education may work for some but will stop most from taking that leap into investing in your own education. We’ve come up with multiple options tailored to suit individuals needs to make access to high-quality return on education accessible.

Student Loans

Student loans are often looked at as long-term investments that haunt students for decades after graduation. Fortunately that stigma is demystified when taking our a tuition assistance loan for our Coding Bootcamp. Coding Temple has teamed up with the best lenders in the industry to give our students the most flexible repayment options. With loans from 12 to 72 months, interest only to deferred, each loan will work for each individual’s needs. With Coding Temple’s MBG, taking out a loan has never been so secure. If you are not placed into a position of meaningful employment within 9 months of graduation, Coding Temple will cancel your student loan. At the end of the day you will either have started your new career in tech with means to pay off your loan comfortably or you will be debt free. If you are motivated and passionate about becoming a developer, a student loan is the best investment you can make on yourself.

ISA’s Vs Consumer Loans
Income Sharing Agreement (ISA)
  • Read the fine print. High-risk jobs will take up to 17% of your income once you land your first position. Some companies require you to work the first position you are offered.
  • Still require credit checks
  • No option to prepay. Whether you get a high paying job post graduation you are on the hook to repay the full amount of your Income Share Agreement. Paying your ISA off early does not lower the amount you will pay.
  • After the grace period, you still have to pay back the tuition even if you never get a job.
  • Expensive ISA’s end up being the most costly way to borrow money to finance your tuition. As an example a student making $85,00 per year after graduation will pay $8,000 more over the course of their ISA than a student who took out a student loan. That's almost $225 a /month.
  • Unregulated and illegal in certain states
Student Loans
  • No prepayment or origination fees If you pay your loan off early you can pay off your balance earlier and not incur all of the interest.
  • Low minimum fixed rate APR With interest rates being low for borrowers, not having an interest rate tied to your success ends up saving money.
  • Deferred Tuition. With a student loan you can defer tuition for up to 6 months. With an ISA if you land a job, you will be required to start your payments immediately.
  • Many options for a repayment term length. Student loans give you the flexibility to choose your term length.
  • Apply with a Cosigner If you do not have established credit or low credit, you can apply with a cosigner.
  • Cashback reward after graduation. Setting up recurring payments gives you incentive to pay lower fees
  • Forbearance options. If you run into tough times you can request a loan forbearance. Reach out to your loan officer for more information.
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