Corporate Training - Customized

Need your team up to speed on a new technology? Coding Temple’s corporate training program is the fastest way to introduce all of the tools and technologies required to envision, design, build, test, and deploy completely functional applications. We’ll help your team master programming fundamentals to frameworks so they’re equipped for innovation and workflow automation.

Workflow Automation...

Streamline Communication
Improve internal communication amongst your team. Since you are automating workflow you also automate communication, because no one has to remember to tell the next person it’s their turn to do something. The best way to create an automated process is to get everyone involved in that process together. Then you can begin creating a process map and visualize where the process begins and ends and what role each person has in that process.

Reduce Cost and Error
Workflow automation reduces errors because it keeps necessary tasks from going unnoticed. Workflow automation also saves companies from costly expenses associated with employee errors and it can cut costs on administrative labor as well.

Workplace Efficiency
By creating customized workflow automation, you can assign approval responsibilities to anyone within the company, no matter what current reporting hierarchy is in place. No longer does management have to intervene in every task.


Our Training Courses

Our staff will work with you to create and deliver a customized training program to get your team up-to-speed on specific languages and stacks, or in the fundamental building blocks for the web.


Web Basics

We teach HTML, CSS, and JS so your team can immediately start using the building blocks of the web.


Web Security

Protect your data with confidence using security best practices for web applications.


Web Scalability

Does your project scale? We’ll teach your team how to build reliable and scalable applications.


Back-End Development

Get started in back-end development. You’ll be making API calls in no time.


Front-End Development

Learn everything you need to make beautiful user experiences.


Database & Framework Development

Sometimes the right database or framework solution is the one that doesn’t exist yet.

Looking to Customize your Class?

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