5 Best Coding Bootcamps in Boston

By admin January 11, 2019

So, you want to learn how to code in Boston but aren’t sure where to go. There is no ‘one size fits all’ Coding Bootcamp. One thing is for certain though, there is a programming language for everyone. Everything greatly depends on what you’re looking to do for a career down the road. So be sure [...]

SwitchUp Interviews Coding Temple Graduate Daniela A.

By admin December 19, 2018

This interview was conducted by Erica Freedman, Content and Client Services Specialist at SwitchUp SwitchUp  sat down with UI/UX alumnus Daniela to find out more about her journey. She wasn’t happy with her job prospects, she starting doing some intensive research on bootcamp programs. Knowing exactly which languages she needed to learn, she pursued the Coding Temple [...]

Computer Science Degree vs Coding Bootcamp

By admin December 19, 2018

Computer Science Degree vs Coding Bootcamp The digital age has brought with it some powerful winds of change. Over the last 15 years, there has been a remarkable amount of growth in the technology industry, to the point where the supply cannot meet the demands. So now people are wondering what is the better choice, [...]