5 Best Coding Bootcamps in Boston

by Coding Temple January 21, 2020

So, you want to learn how to code in Boston but aren’t sure where to go. There is no ‘one size fits all’ Coding Bootcamp. One thing is for certain though, there is a programming language for everyone. Everything greatly depends on what you’re looking to do for a career down the road. So be sure you choose based on what you’d love to do, not by the average base salary.

Coding opens doors to diverse job roles and accelerated career growth — in fields well beyond the world of computer programming. Last year, more than 250,000 job listings called for cross-functional skill sets that blend technical web development know-how with experience in design, data, product development, and more.

Whether you’re looking to make a big career change, or just want to stay up-to-date on the most popular programming languages, here are the 5 Best Coding Bootcamps in Boston that’ll teach you how to code.

General Assembly

If you know exactly what language you want to do, General Assembly offers different full-time courses that teach tons of coding but are broken down into various specialties. Their primary topics include data science, UX design, and web development.

Duration: 8-12 weeks full-time

Languages and framework: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, Ruby on Rails, PHP

Location: 51 Melcher St. Boston, MA 02210

Cost: $15,995

Class size: 20 students

Coding Temple

Coding Temple’s 10 Week Full Stack Development Course provides a thorough primer on all of the tools and technologies required to envision, design, build, test, and deploy completely functional web applications.

Duration: 10 weeks Full-Time Bootcamp, and 2 Weeks Part-Time Evening courses

Languages and framework: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, SQL, jQuery, SQL, React, Flask, Git, Scit-Kit Learn, Pandas, Numpy & APIs

Location: 283 Franklin Street, Floor 2, Boston, MA 02110

Cost: $12,495 for Full-Time Course, $500 for the Part-Time Courses

Class size: 8 students (smallest in Boston)

Horizons School of Technology

Horizons School of Technology is a coding school designed for intelligent and ambitious high school and college students. They offer full-time summer and semester programs that arm them with the software skills of an engineer and the perspective of an entrepreneur.

Duration: 13-16 weeks, 60 hours/ week

Languages and framework: Frontend dev includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and AJAX, while backend dev includes Node.js, Express.js, and Mongo.db. Framework includes JS libraries and GitHub

Location: TBD

Cost: $11,500

Class size: 35 students

Launch Academy

Launch Academy is a full-stack coding bootcamp that turns aspiring techies with little to no coding knowledge into junior contributors who add value to software engineering teams.

Duration: 10 weeks

Languages and framework: JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and SQL and frameworks like Rails, Sinatra, Capybara, JQuery, and PostgreSQL

Location: 77 Summer Street, Floor 7, Boston, MA 02111

Cost: $17,500

Class size: 20 students

Harvard Extension School

Harvard Extension School offers a programming certificate that teaches the fundamentals of computer programming and language so students of varying skill-level can work in software engineering, web development, or database management.

Duration: 1.5 years

Languages and framework: C, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, and HTML

Location: 51 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Cost: $11,000

Class size: 1,000+ students

Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

“I attended a three-month intensive full-stack engineering program. I went from knowing very basic JavaScript to building entire websites. Two months after graduation I got a full-stack engineering job. I also teach part-time at another coding bootcamp.” – Read more from Mr. Aggarwall.

Coding skills mean versatility. From finance to health care, today’s high-growth industries are searching for talent to transform ideas into digital innovation through logic, creativity, and code. All the data in this blog has been updated from an article written over 2 years ago by Justine Hoffner. We considered these to be the most influential coding bootcamps in Boston.

Are there any other coding bootcamps in Boston you think should be on this list? Let us know by contacting us!