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Here at Coding Temple we believe in your future in tech so much we put our money where our mouth is.Get a job in tech in 9 months or your tuition is on us!

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Join us for equitable, inviting, hands-on programming from some of the country’s top instructors.

Coding Temple Statistics
Placement Rate

Students finding employment within their field of study after 180 days post-graduation

Graduation Rate

Students who complete the program, present a capstone project and are eligible for post-graduation career services

Average Salary

A steady increase year over year as the demand for developers grow

Salary Increase

Graduates are seeing major salary increases after transitioning into their new careers in tech

Negotiated Lift

Our Career Coaches help students even after the first offer increasing their worth and commanding higher salaries

Coding Temple Students get hired by some of the top companies worldwide

Our alumni are working in Fortune 100 companies, consulting firms, creating startups, or anything in between.

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The coding temple difference

Are you passionate about learning? Are you ready to change your life? Coding Temple has the resources to do just that. With a program created to make you into a programmer in a matter of weeks. Our curriculum is designed to teach you everything from becoming an effective programmer to how to handle learning multiple technologies at once.

Live Online Instructor-LedInteractive Courses
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    Live Instruction Coding Courses, Without Leaving your Home

    Enjoy your course live through interactive, and engaging technology delivered by Coding Temples top instructors from the comfort of your home.

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    Portfolio Based Projects and Grading

    Create real projects throughout the curriculum as you learn the newest technologies. Build upon your portfolio week-by-week to graduate the program with an impressive portfolio to start your new career in tech. Interact in small teams with peer-to-peer programming and weekly code challenges

  • community
    Career Support For Life

    Here at Coding Temple, we believe community is one of the most important aspects of learning. Engage with alumni, career coaches, technical coaches, and instructors in Coding Temple Alumni slack channel, where you’ll receive industry updates and support from your peers

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    Tuition Back Guarantee

    For more information regarding our money back guarantee requirements read more here

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    100% Job Guarantee
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Our courses

We are consistently monitoring local job markets, bleeding edge technologies, and revising our offerings to match the fast-paced industry demands.

We help students launch careers
Laura Rivera | Graduate 2019
  • PREVIOUS JOB Business Intelligence
  • CURRENT JOB Data Analyst
  • company Wavicle

Laura took a risk and gave up her graduate school program to attend Coding Temple. Laura says "I learned more the past 10 weeks than I did in my grad school program." She currently works for Wavicle as a Data Analyst.

“Amazing things can happen for you here. When they told me my final project I would be launching a web application, I took a big gulp and was so nervous about it. But 10 weeks later there it app! I couldn't be happier and I'm really looking forward to where this takes me in my career. ”
Mike Kaiser | Full-Time Graduate, 2021
  • PREVIOUS JOB Nursing School
  • CURRENT JOB Software Engineer
  • company Mastery Logistic Systems

Mike was happy he made the leap into the world of programming. From a small business owner to a nursing student, Mike has now become an incredibly successful Software Engineer.

“Marlene knew how to prepare me for the job search and put my best foot forward with my applications, and thanks to her guidance I had 2 different offers within 6 weeks and was able to start at an amazing company within 2 months of graduating. I couldn't have imagined making such a big decision and it turning out so well, and I owe it all to Coding Temple.”
Benjamin Newman | Full Time Graduate, 2021
  • PREVIOUS JOB Unemployed
  • CURRENT JOB Support Analyst
  • company Metric Theory

Before enrolling in Coding Temple's 10-week program, Benjamin Newman was unemployed. He now is a proud Reporting Support Analyst at Metric Theory. As Benjamin says “the course is only the beginning”

“The way the course is structured prepares you for long-term success. I always tell people, I not only learned how to code at Coding Temple but also how to keep learning more. The curriculum is designed around fast-paced, live learning during the week, and in-depth projects on the weekends to solidify everything you've learned”