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The skills and experience that students achieve at Coding Temple takes them a long way. We offer small classes, so students are able to have a more one on one interaction with our teachers. Our curriculum is designed to make students feel confident and be successful in the workforce once they have completed our course.

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Industry News Roundup 6/11/2018

Industry News RoundUp: 6/13/2018 Getting Data Science Right: How To Structure Data Science Teams For Maximum Results Data scientists have become the darlings of today’s competitive job market. Entry-level salaries can range into six figures, and roughly 700,000 job openings are projected by 2020. There’s good reason for this spike in demand, too. ____________________________________________________________ DataRobot Puts The Power Of Machine Learning In The Hands Of Business Analysts DataRobot, the Boston-based Data

Coding Temple Tableau Training: June 30th

Coding Temple Tableau Training: This course is for the individuals that are starting out with Tableau Desktop for the first time. It is for anyone who works with data on a regular basis and requires no prior technical knowledge. The training is created to help individuals understand and use the proper visualizations and build their skillset for Tableau to transition away from excel spreadsheets to detailed visualizations along with interactive dashboards. This course includes a PowerPoint deck on each topic covered and hands-on activities to help

Alumni Spotlight: George Makris

What were you doing before you went to Coding Temple? What was your educational or career background? I was in the financial industry for 20 years, specifically trading.  I traded such products as S+P 500 index options, Dow Jones Index options as well as agricultural options.  I was a member at both the CME and the CBOE.  I attended University of Illinois where I graduated with a degree in finance and had a GPA of 4.8/5. What stood out to you about

From U-Verse Technician to Coding Temple Instructor: Meet Derek Hawkins

Derek Hawkins joined the Coding Temple team as an instructor earlier this year in January. However, coding didn’t become his passion until a few years ago. As a freshman in college at Illinois State University, Derek didn’t have that one major that stuck out to him that he considered to be the perfect fit for him. He felt he didn’t really have a sense of direction and settled on Occupational Safety and Health Administration as his major.

Is Coding Temple The Right Fit For Me?

Is Coding Temple The Right Fit For Me? Entering a coding bootcamp is intensive which is why it’s important to ensure that the one you choose is the right fit for you. You’ve decided that you want to join a coding bootcamp because you want to learn to code or maybe you’re making a career change. Whatever the reason may be, the next step is finding which one is the best fit for you. How do you know which

DevBootcamp: A Tribute

DevBootcamp: A Tribute First, we would like to acknowledge DevBootcamp for being one of the pioneers of web development bootcamps. They, along with a handful of others, have changed the education industry in the same way that Steve Jobs changed the mobile phone. DBC is the reason code schools are called “bootcamps.” First cohort graduated in SF in 2012 – eons ago in internet time. End of an era. –@sarahmei The Impact

Coding Temple Alumni Spotlight: Ryan Bacastow

Coding Temple Alumni Ryan Bacastow graduated college with a Political Science and Spanish Language degree and started working for the ECLAC but found that he wasn’t satisfied with this career path. He decided to enroll in Coding Temple’s 10-week Full Time Python bootcamp program and is now currently a Python data analyst at William Blair Global Investment Banking. Read on to learn about his experience at Coding Temple! What were you up to before you went to Coding Temple?

Upcoming Workshop: Intro to HTML/CSS

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM Coding Temple 222 W. Ontario Street, Suite 450, Chicago, IL In this meetup, developers will introduce you to the foundations of web development: HTML and CSS. We will first explain what HTML and CSS are. Then we will show and help you build a basic, functional webpage using HTML and CSS. HTML is a markup language that you use to put content on your website. CSS dictates your website’s look and feel. Please bring a laptop with Sublime

Coding Bootcamp and You: A Love Story

For the first couple entries, I discussed my decision to make a pivot and switch careers from fitness to tech. But what is coding bootcamp like? Is it really possible to learn multiple languages over the course of 10–12 weeks and learn them to a level that can make you employable? Is it worth the 10–20,000 price tag? The simple (yet painfully unfulfilling) answer: Results may vary. As I believe I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m wrapping up week 8 out