Apply To coding Temple

Step 1: Submit your application below and within 48 hours somebody from our admissions team will reach out to you.

Step 2: When finishing your application schedule a call with a member of our team to answer any questions you may have

Step 3: After your application has been reviewed and all of your questions have been answered it's on to the assessment phase. Once your assessment is complete and you have passed you are officially accepted as a Coding Temple student

Step 4: Once you have secured your seat in the next cohort we release two weeks worth of prework to be completed before the start of class. The first week of class will go over the prework that is done and answer any questions you may have

Step 5: It's official you have enrolled in class and finished the prework - now the real work begins. You will be challenged for the next ten weeks to prepare yourself for a new career in development

Please schedule a time for a 15 minute phone call regarding your application