Update: Successful PPE Fundraiser

by Coding Temple April 28, 2020

From our teams at Coding Temple and Cloudcafe – thank you to all the kind donors who contributed to our first fundraising efforts. Every dollar was appreciated and truly made a difference. The results from our fundraiser are the following:

In the 7 days this campaign was active, we raised over $4,000 from over 60 individual donors.
In tandem with the campaign organizer, Sonny Tai, $19,000 was raised.
We were able to locate a reliable supplier, Norscot, located in Wisconsin. With their help, over $6,000 has now been deployed to bring PPE to hospitals across the US.
The first shipment is set to arrive this week and includes 1,300 N-95 masks. These masks will be split between identified hospitals in need, located in Illinois and New York.
Preceding orders will also include other items which hospitals have directly requested: including face shields, gloves and surgical gowns.
This coming week, we will be providing precise data on which hospitals supplies are being allocated to, in Chicago and New York City. This data will be sent out via an email to all the donors who participated.
Our fundraising partner, Sonny Tai, is providing full transparency and tracking of orders through his personal fundraising page, located here: PPE for Healthcare Heroes.

Once again – a huge thank you to everyone who spread the word and donated to this cause. You truly made a difference.

Unfortunately, the ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis do not have an end date in the near future. Our teams at Cloudcafe and Coding Temple will be dedicated to help however we can throughout. If you are an organization which is helping the community and in need of assistance this summer, please do reach out directly to: