Student Coding Projects

Before Coding Temple, Sasha had experience in several fields relatively unrelated to each other and spoke mostly Russian. She finally decided to become a computer programmer, and after our course, ended up working for the largest web development consulting agency in the world, Capgemini.

Her project has a stunning design and demonstrates multiple ways in which web development can grab a user's attention. View her website to see all the incredible features she implemented into her final project.

Sasha's Project

Clay had come to us with loads of experience in a field that is complementary to coding. Even though he had a Ph.D. in Geodetic Science and 6 years of experience in Python, he still wanted to learn how to apply what he learned in college in a more meaningful way.

He was hired by Charles Schwab within 3 weeks of graduating. His project determines what percentage of Amazon reviews are fake. Even though it takes a couple minutes for the page to load (free server) - it's worth checking out!

Clay's Project

Before Coding Temple, Fiona was exploring multiple different teaching roles. She began to find out that teaching is a competitive industry, even with a Master's Degree. She decided to attend Coding Temple and enter the world of computer programming, where jobs are bountiful.

She decided to base her project on cryptocurrency and even added an organized blog that auto-generates articles on cryptocurrency from other websites. On top of that, the design is simple yet excellent.

Fiona's Project



Our accelerated program aims to graduate you at the junior level, because of this, you will be assigned some pre-work before the course starts. We want to make sure you're career-ready, so this is a mandatory process.

Mock Interviews

Your instructor will go over real interview questions employers will ask. This way, you can enter interviews with confidence and a level of preparedness that will certainly show the employer you're a great candidate.

Resume Building

Have your resume built out by our industry professionals so you can stand out to employers. We'll be able to highlight your greatest coding skills, and pair how it goes well with past experiences.

LinkedIN Building

LinkedIn is growing rapidly and is the best social engine for reaching out to recruiters, and vice versa. We'll make your profile look top notch, and teach you industry secrets to get found quickly by the right recruiters or companies.

Money-back Guarantee

Have you taken all the steps to attempt to find a job and 6 months has officially gone by? Well, we offer a full money back guarantee to the less than 1% of students who couldn't get an offer within 6 months (unique CT statistic).

Large Alumni Network

Since we are active in the industry and have been around for 5 years, we have partnerships with some large clients. Our students get hired quickly because we can connect them to the right sources, and fast!