Money-Back Guarantee Requirements

To be eligible for the Coding Temples Money-Back guarantee program you must fully comply with the specified criteria below. If you do not receive a qualifying job offer within 270 days of your job-seeking start date, you will be eligible for full tuition reimbursement. “Job-seeking Start Date” is defined as the day after the cohort completion date. Coding Temple reserves the right to consider graduates who do not commence a job search starting on the job-seeking start date, or have demonstrated levels of responsiveness and/or job-search activity less then the below requirement such that said graduate would not reasonably be considered to be engaging in a job search, as “not job-seeking.” Meeting some or partial requirements does not offer a partial refund. To remain eligible for the Money-Back Guarantee, you must be actively job seeking and meet all of the following job search requirements during the nine (9)-month period following your job-seeking start date.

It is your sole responsibility to keep track of all job search required activities. Coding Temple recommends that you keep a written log of your activities, backup all data, and make copies of relevant documentation. Coding Temple may, at any time during the 6-month period following your completion of the relevant program, verify your compliance with the job search requirements and ask you for proof of compliance. Failure to present proof of compliance with the job search requirements may result in forfeiture of eligibility for the Money-Back Guarantee.