• Code Galaxy helps enrich the lives of students around the world by equipping them with the STEM skills they need to thrive in our digital world - all in a fun, supportive, self-paced environment.
  • Classes are flexible and 100% online & taught live by experienced and passionate teachers.
  • Students from 7-18 follow a linear curriculum that will guide them through the deep world of coding & programming and leave with skills they will use in the real world to earn $100k+ salaries using the power of their imaginations.
  • Parents can enroll students from one to up to five, hour-long classes per week, private tutoring, and seasonal coding camps throughout the year!

Get familiar with our library

Elementary school
(3rd to 5th Grades)

Fun coding curriculum to introduce students to technology and practice with drag and drop creation.


Intro to Scratch Programming / Scratch 2 / Minecraft

Middle school
(6th to 8th Grades)

Build real apps and games to show to your friends and family.


Roblox / Intro to Python / Python 2 / Python 3 / CAD 1

High school
(9th to 12th Grades)

Advanced preparation for engineering careers. Build a portfolio for college and beyond.


Intro to Web Development / Web Development 2

Virtual Camp
(All Grades)

The perfect way to spend time off school.



Mobile App Development
New Course

Code Galaxy Mobile App Development course will teach you what coding is and why it's important in the world of app development and design. Kids will gain experience in app design concepts and terminology. Students will also be able to design and code custom apps for mobile devices, learn how to apply problem solving and critical thinking to find solutions for game design and coding challenges. Start building the app of your dreams!

We appreciate you dropping by, and we thank you for considering Code Galaxy in helping to mold your child with the must-have skills of the future.

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