Course Overview
Evaluation Criteria
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Course Overview

Coding Temple’s 15 Week Full Stack Development Course provides a thorough primer on all of the tools and technologies required to envision, design, build, test, and deploy completely functional web applications.

Our JavaScript course is offered in the evenings from 5:00pm - 9:00pm / Monday - Thursday

Javascript has been embraced by most companies and institutions in the industry and has been going strong for over 20 years. Capable of running on almost every computer without changing behavior, Javascript is an ideal language to learn. It also has a huge selection of libraries and tools, making it the first choice of languages for many developers.

While on campus, the average day will consist of homework review, classroom discussions, lectures, technical quizzes, and programming exercises. Some of the concepts discussed include HTTP, Databases, Libraries, Frameworks, DRY Code, Pair Programming, and Design Patterns.

Evaluation Criteria
There is no certificate of completion for participation in this course, and no formal gradebook is maintained by the instructor. Throughout the course, participants will create several different applications which will be gathered into their portfolio, including one capstone assignment that encompasses all of the material covered throughout the course. A student that successfully completes the course will have several of these portfolio items to demonstrate their mastery of the topics covered during the course.
Pre-Work Schedule
Participants are expected to complete approximately 60 hours of work prior to the first in-class session. This pre-work consists of several videos as well as practice problems. We recommend that participants budget approximately 20 hours per week for three weeks prior to the beginning of the course to complete this work.

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What to Expect


Coding Temple provides people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to drastically change their careers and even their lives in a short amount of time.
To be successful at Coding Temple, you don’t have to have any prior history with coding. No matter the experience level of an applicant, we are looking for
students who are excited to learn new things and ready to blaze a new trail for themselves.

Coding Temple offers full-time, ten-week courses in .Net and Python. Additionally, we offer a part-time JavaScript course, which meets in the evenings for students who want to maintain their current job while learning to code. To stay informed, Coding Temple frequently adds shorter workshops on new technologies such as Angular 2, Android Development, etc., which range in duration from an hour, a full day, or even two weeks. These add-on classes are free to current Coding Temple students and alumni, as we are passionate about supporting our developers throughout their careers.

If you’re enthusiastic about taking on cutting-edge challenges and learning something new everyday, Coding Temple can give you the tools to not only land that first job in tech, but also to stand out amongst your peers as a promising, new developer.

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