Coding Bootcamp Review


Interview Questions - Clay Guo


Q: How much experience did you have before entering Coding Temple?

A: Before I entered Coding Temple, I had 5-6 years of experience in coding, primarily with Fortran and Python.


Q: What course did you end up choosing at Coding Temple?

A: I chose the Python and Data Science course - I was interested in changing my career to data science without having to go back to college for several years.


Q: What was your inspiration for the site? Was it an enthusiasm for dogs or were you planning to have this site as a passive business?

A: I wanted to apply data analytics to my Capstone project. Amazon is the most popular site out there, and knowing that a decent amount of reviews left on any product or service on any site are typically fake, I wanted to create an app that could determine what amount of reviews are fake. In order to make this work, I set up requests using the python and XML library so it could scrape the reviews online. It would pull APIs, do some calculations, and determine the legitimacy of all the reviews in usually just a minute.


Q: What languages did you use to put the site together?

A: About 90% python and 10% html5/css.


Q: What was the most difficult challenge you faced when building the website, and how did you overcome it?

A: I had difficulties linking it, but was able to solve them about 70% by myself and 30% with my instructor’s guidance. Connor’s knowledge in Python allowed me to finish my Capstone Project with ease.


Q: How much of your Capstone Project was you being able to solve it? Whenever you needed help from the instructor, was he able to provide you with the solutions?

A: I must have written down every word Joe said haha. So I’m going to give 40% credit to Joe - because I would always just refer back to the notes I took if I got stuck, and I found those very helpful. About 60% of the project I could figure out on my own without opening up my notebook.


Q: Would you say your experience at Coding Temple was satisfactory and recommendable to our readers?

A: Definitely yes. I learned how to use the flask application, which helped a lot in interviews and made employers more interested in my work.