Why Boston…

Whether it’s a prestigious institution, or a historical landmark, Boston has a wonderful atmosphere and a knack for being on the forefront of technology. Known as one of the technology hubs on the east coast (ranked 4th in the country), Boston hosts some of the largest corporations, such as; Raytheon, Boston Dynamics, Oracle, Google and much more. On top of that it’s home to the top schools in the country in MIT and Harvard.

One of the greatest features of Boston lies in its’ history. Founded in 1630, you can see some of the greatest landmarks around the area, such as; Paul Revere’s House, Plymouth Rock, Boston Tea Party Ships, and Bunker Hill just to name a few.

The ultimate reasoning for Boston, however; is the booming job employment rate in the surrounding area and the city itself. Placed at #6 for best hiring opportunities for cities in the U.S. (out of the top 50), Boston has a lot to offer in all areas of development.
Whether you’re into sports, technology, or history… Boston has something to offer for everyone.

Night Life

Boston’s huge number of bars, dance clubs, comedy clubs, concerts, restaurants, theaters, movies, dinner cruises, and other entertainment give you plenty of ways to have fun after the sun goes down. Catch a concert at the TD Garden, jam out at the park, or even cruise down the harbor on one of the historical Boston Harbor Cruises. Whatever your fancy, Boston certainly has it!


Where to begin? Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the most historic cities in the country. Home to “The Paul Revere House” and “Plymouth Rock” you can experience the founding of our country at multiple historic sites. Want to re-enact the Boston Tea Party? Head down to the Boston Tea Party Ships and toss a box of tea into the harbor!
With so much history to explore in this city, you’ll never be bored.

The Boston Lifestyle

Avererage Salaries, Night Life, and History

Boston Jobs and
        Average Salaries…

Job TitleAverage Salary
Junior Front-End Web Developer$71,500
Entry Level Web Developer$85,400
Web Designer$91,300
Web Developer$92,600
Full-Stack Developer$111,600
Senior Web Developer$111,600
Front-End Developer$111,600
Back-End Developer$125,300

About our Team

Our professors come from diverse backgrounds and have seasoned skill-sets


Focused on helping others achieve their goals through education and technology, Connor brings a wealth of programming and business experience to his classes. He graduated with a Computer Science degree from Daniel Webster College and is pursuing a master’s in data science. Before becoming an instructor at Coding Temple, he was designing simulators in the video game industry for five years. During that time, he took on a vast number of roles from business to programming that he used to release a total of eleven different titles on PC. Connor has great experience in more than seven different languages and three frameworks. He focuses primarily on Web Development and Data Analytics using Python.


As the Co-Founder and Director of Business Development at Coding Temple, Ripal is responsible for the relationships with both existing and new partnerships and students. Ripal graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2013 and his passion was developed over the course of a diverse professional background. Ripal grew his professional skills in several of different roles such as Medical Technician, IT Recruiter, Account Manager, Front-end Developer and Business Development Specialist. At Coding Temple, he is involved in working with the students before and after the course to make sure they go into the industry with full confidence. His main goal is to provide the post graduation job placement support for all students. Ripal believes that “it is important that the student’s not only feel confident while they are taking the course, but also in their new roles and future opportunities”.  In Ripal’s spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, BBQing, and catching up on the latest movies.

Available Courses

Here in Boston, we offer our two most valued courses on Python with Data Science and C# with the .Net framework. Whether you’re looking for more web development heavy courses or would like to dig into the understanding of data science, we have a course for you. Our full-time Boston instructors are dedicated and passionate towards making sure you achieve your full potential. Below you can find a list the many languages and frameworks you’ll learn on your way to a career in development.