SwitchUp Interviews Coding Temple Graduate Daniela A.

This interview was conducted by Erica Freedman, Content and Client Services Specialist at SwitchUp


SwitchUp  sat down with UI/UX alumnus Daniela to find out more about her journey. She wasn’t happy with her job prospects, she starting doing some intensive research on bootcamp programs. Knowing exactly which languages she needed to learn, she pursued the Coding Temple program. Now she has a job at the same company her mentor worked for. Her goal for the future? To keep studying and become a development master! Learn more about her journey below. 


Your educational background is in Environmental Science. What ignited the switch to UI/UX?

I wasn't super happy with the type of jobs that were available in Chicago for environmental science majors, so I got a job at a library. While working there, we had a lot of downtime during the day, so I picked up coding as a fun thing I could do at work to keep myself engaged. I enjoyed it so much, that I made my own website and started looking for IT related jobs. I landed one as a technical support specialist and also did some light website design work. After Coding Temple, my focus shifted to front-end development, but it didn't allow me to be as creative as I wanted. Luckily, my company doesn't have a design department, and people kept coming to me for design work!


Do you feel Front End Development and Environmental Science are at all related? If so, how?

I don't think that they're really related, but I have seen job postings for non-profit environmental organizations who are looking to high designers and developers to build neat apps and websites for them. 


How did you decide to attend Coding Temple? What made it the right program for you?

I did A LOT of research on coding bootcamps in Chicago. There were a few others that were more popular, but they were all teaching Ruby. A lot of startups are using that but larger companies....not so much. My plan was to work for a larger to mid size company, and I knew they would be using technologies like Java, C#, and .NET. Coding Temple was the only .NET full stack bootcamp in Chicago. I chatted with one of their instructors and looked up reviews from their alumni. Coding Temple seemed like the best fit for my needs.


You currently work as a Web Developer for MedSpeed. What does this title mean and what does a normal day at work look like for you?

Web Developers can work on any web based application or website. They typically are full-stack or have a focus on back-end or front-end. My focus is front-end and a little UX/UI design. The day starts with a team stand up, where we go over work that was done yesterday and what we'll be doing today. Every other week we have demos of our work to show new features or bug fixes to the business side for feedback. Outside of that, a lot of my time is spent coding, designing layouts, and gathering feedback.


Have you faced any challenges trying to become a Front End Developer? 

For me, it was finding a mentor on my team who had the time to help me better myself as a developer. Going to a bootcamp for 10 weeks can only teach you so much; the rest needs to be learned over time as you do actual work and build apps. Since MedSpeed has a smaller development team, it's been hard getting that mentorship that I need.


Has Coding Temple helped you to get a job in your field? If so, how? 

My instructor at Coding Temple was a contractor at MedSpeed. He heard they were looking for more developers and put in a good word for me. I ended up working on the same application he built! That was kind of neat.


Where do you see your career heading in the next 5-10 years? 

Now that I've had my hands in both front-end development and UX/UI design, I'm hoping to continue building my skills in both areas and become a sort of dev/design master.


What makes you most passionate about the world of Front End Development? 

There's always something new to learn. It never gets boring, that's for sure.


If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice before pursuing this track, what would it be?

Network! Everyone you meet could be a possible job opportunity. You'll need those connections after you "graduate" and even maybe a year or 2 from then.


Any advice for future students?

Learn as much as you can on your own before going the bootcamp route. Coding Temple offers a lot of free intro level classes for Angular, HTML, and more. The more you know going in, the more you can build your skills while you're there. I noticed that the people who already had some level of coding knowledge, even if it was just basic JavaScript, tended to be more successful and land jobs quicker.



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SwitchUp Interviews Coding Temple Graduate Binit Patel

This interview was conducted by Erica Freedman, Content and Client Services Specialist at SwitchUp


SwitchUp sat down with Software Engineering alumnus Binit Patel to find out more about his journey. He began his career in Bioengineering but really desired a position that would help him stay current with technical skills and trends. After being referred to Coding Temple, Binit took the plunge to become a Software Developer. His recommendation to future students? Keep learning! The industry is constantly evolving so striving for mastery of what’s current is key. Keep reading his story for more advice and information about the Coding Temple program below.


Your educational background is in Bioengineering. What ignited the switch to Software Engineering?

I made the switch because I wanted to gain technical skills that would allow me to keep up with innovation in today's technology. My goal was to get into software engineering, gain skills and knowledge of software development, and translate that back into the industry of bioengineering and medicine to be able to work with creating applications and other medical products for physicians and nurses.


Do you feel Software Engineering and Bioengineering are at all related? If so, how?

Software Engineering and Bioengineering are very much related. Most medical products of day rely on a platform or software. Being able to understand both aspects is extremely important for software developers creating applications in the medical field. It's equally as important for bioengineers working with these mHealth apps and products.


How did you decide to attend Coding Temple? What made it the right program for you?

I was actually referred to Coding Temple by alumni and the Coding Temple team themselves. They had classes that fit my work schedule, instructors who taught at universities and worked in the industry, and were also teaching the technologies I was most interested in. I knew it was the program for me when I took a site visit and saw how they teach, the class size, and the curriculum.


You currently work as a Solutions Developer at Avanade. What does this title mean and what does a normal day at work look like for you?

The title of Solutions Developer is essentially the equivalent of a software developer. Essentially my day to day is coding, traveling, and more coding!


Have you faced any challenges trying to become a Software Engineer?

The most challenging part of trying to become a software engineer is making sure you keep with what you have learned. The industry is constantly changing and you want to grow with it.


Has Coding Temple helped you to get a job in your field? If so, how?

Coding Temple actually helped me land 2 jobs within 1 year. They have a great network full of connections with companies and recruiters all over Chicago, Boston, and DC. Because of this, I was able to land an interview for my first job within 2 months post Coding Temple. The second job was actually through being able to reach out to a fellow Coding Temple alumni who worked at that company.


Where do you see your career heading in the next 5-10 years?

Within the next 5-10 years my goals are to keep up and learn new technologies to grow my technical skill set. I plan on gaining an understanding of technology consulting in hopes to get into management level roles.


What makes you most passionate about the world of Front End Development?

Front end development is my personal favorite. There is great satisfaction to being able to design and develop software together and seeing a finished product.


If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice before pursuing this track, what would it be?

Try to understand exactly what you want out of this. Learn about which technologies are in demand and strive to master those.sw

Any advice for future students?

The industry is constantly changing and you want to grow with it. Keep up with what you learned and learn more. Practice makes perfect.


Do you want to learn more about what alumni have said about Coding Temple? Check out our page on SwitchUp.

Alumni Network

Coding Temple has set up an Alumni Network for students. Our alumni act as mentors for current students and guide them through the process of completing the course.

Coding Temple will periodically host alumni events for graduates of the program to reconnect and talk about their experiences after completing the program.

Job Prep

Students will receive job preparation throughout the course, including resume workshops, mock interviews, and portfolio showcases.

Additionally, throughout the course, students will be given exams and assignments that are very similar to the sort of technical challenges that many companies give to job applications.

Coding Temple’s commitment is to provide job preparation training and placement assistance to each student who completes the coursework.

Capstone Project

Students will be given a final project that demonstrates their competency as a full-stack developer, using the skills that they’ve learned throughout the course.

Students who satisfactorily complete the final project will have an impressive body of work to showcase to potential employers.

In Class

Our courses are a blend of lecture and hands-on coding.

The instructors will explain technologies and provide code examples during class lecture.

After lectures, students will demonstrate their understanding of the material by completing their own applications and programming assignments. The instructors may provide additional assistance to students.

A typical class size will be 7-10 students. In addition to small class sizes, we also offer opportunities for one-on-one support from dedicated TA’s and our instructors for those times when you are challenged by a particular concept or issue.


Once admitted into a course, each student will be assigned pre-work that must be completed before the first in-class session.

Pre-work consists of approximately 40 to 60 dedicated hours of self-instruction, but students may seek assistance from the instructors as needed to complete the pre-work.

Most courses will also have a one hour orientation prior to the first day of class so students may meet the instructor and familiarize themselves with the facility.

The Application Process

Once you’ve determined that you’re ready to enroll in one of our courses, the application process consists of the following steps:

– Complete an application

– Discussing goals and expectations with Admissions Team

– Instructor interview and technical screening

– Discussing payment and financing options


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Coding Temple Tableau Training: June 30th

Coding Temple Tableau Training:

This course is for the individuals that are starting out with Tableau Desktop for the first time. It is for
anyone who works with data on a regular basis and requires no prior technical knowledge. The training
is created to help individuals understand and use the proper visualizations and build their skillset for
Tableau to transition away from excel spreadsheets to detailed visualizations along with interactive
This course includes a PowerPoint deck on each topic covered and hands-on activities to help users
better understand the skills and knowledge to better visualize their data. Each student should bring
his/her own laptop and will receive a specific dataset that they should become familiar with, as the
hands-on activities will focus around that dataset.

Time: 9:00AM – 3:00PM CST


The skills and experience that students achieve at Coding Temple takes them a long way. We offer small classes, so students are able to have a more one on one interaction with our teachers. Our curriculum is designed to make students feel confident and be successful in the workforce once they have completed our course.

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