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The skills and experience that students achieve at Coding Temple takes them a long way. We offer small classes, so students are able to have a more one on one interaction with our teachers. Our curriculum is designed to make students feel confident and be successful in the workforce once they have completed our course.

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Office : 222 W. Ontario St. #450 Chicago, IL 60654
Mail : Phone : (773)-328-8471

Eddy Lamar

//Eddy Lamar

As a former risk manager for a mid-sized FCM in Chicago, I had heard a lot about these Developer Boot Camps, that trained people for a full time career in programming.
I begin to explore them, going to open houses, chatting with people who where either in a program or had already finished one. After I met with the staff and teacher at Coding Temple I decided that this would be the best fit for me. Several reasons led to this decision. First, they were teaching a C# and asp.NET program, which was perfect for someone older that had grown up with Windows 3.1 and DOS. Second, the classes would be held in an office space devoted to start-ups, where upon first visit, you can feel the energy. Make no mistake, that as the name implies “bootcamp”, it is very much taught like I’m sure the military does in their bootcamps. An intense, sometimes frustrating, style of learning but Coding Temple has teachers with experience and patience and that is very important. They only accept so many people for any given CoHort and that plays a critical role when someone needs more help than perhaps the rest of the class. I finished Coding Temple and left with a great set of skills that I can carry with me forever, but also with a desire to continue to learn more on top of the solid foundation Coding Temple provided. As a side note, should any parent find themselves with children about to enter College, but neither feels quite ready, these Developer Boot Camps provide an excellant, low cost way, of ensuring a skill set for the future that should always provide living and only enhance any future college experience.

Eddy Lamar