Alumni Network

At Coding Temple, we are committed to providing ongoing career support to graduates of our courses.  We’ve collected some resources here to help our students stay connected after they complete their course.


Job Placement & Resume Assistance

We’re always happy to re-connect graduates of our courses to prospective employers. Email to get started, and we’ll get to work connecting you with some great opportunities through our Partner Network, regardless of how long ago you might’ve taken a course with us. Additionally, we offer resume writing assistance as needed to our course graduates, email us at to get reconnected.

Career Mentoring

For our graduates who aren’t looking for a change of employment, but are looking for some guidance from some industry veterans, we’re happy to offer an informal “career mentor” program.  Email us at to get connected to one of our mentors.

Stay Connected

We encourage all of our graduates to stay connected to our growing network of alumni through our Coding Temple Alumni Network LinkedIn group. The group is a great place for graduates of our courses to share career advice, talk about industry trends, and to discuss their experiences at coding temple. We’ll also periodically post information about reunion meetups to allow our graduates to reconnect with each other in person.