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The skills and experience that students achieve at Coding Temple takes them a long way. We offer small classes, so students are able to have a more one on one interaction with our teachers. Our curriculum is designed to make students feel confident and be successful in the workforce once they have completed our course.

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JavaScript, 10 Week, Full Stack, Full Time

Full Time JavaScript Bootcamp

Coding Temple offers a 10 week full stack JavaScript bootcamp. Below is a description of the class.

Course Description

Coding Temple’s 10-Week Full Stack JavaScript Development Course is an accelerated course where participants learn a complete set of tools required to build functional web applications. One of the primary advantages of teaching the JavaScript stack in an accelerated format is that students are only required to learn a single programming language for both front-end and back-end development needs.

For the JavaScript Stack Development Course, Coding Temple has focused on an emerging set of open-source tools and technologies favored by technology startups and developers who prefer a leaner and more cost-effective approach to developing software. While most of the technologies in this course will continue to evolve over time to meet the needs of changing industries, Coding Temple has focused on a stack that provides a strong feature set and long-term viability.

The full time course meets Monday through Thursday during the day for ten weeks. A typical day will last just over seven hours, and will consist of classroom discussions, lectures, and programming exercises. Students will be engaged in heavy hands-on experience and building their portfolio. Some topics covered will include project management, database integration using PostgreSQL, open-source frameworks and peer programming.

Students are responsible for contacting the Instructor or Teacher Assistant for any additional help they may require outside of established class time. Additionally, students should be able to commit an additional 20 hours per week outside of class to self-guided study and assignments.

At the conclusion of the course, participants will have exposure to the full JavaScript tech stack and should be comfortable developing functional web applications.

Evaluation Criteria

As we are more of a project-based program, we currently neither offer certificates of completion for participation in this course nor is a formal gradebook maintained by the instructor. Throughout the course, participants will create several different applications which will be gathered into their portfolio, including one capstone assignment that encompasses all of the material covered throughout the course. A student that successfully completes the course will have several of these portfolio items to demonstrate their mastery of the topics covered during the course.

Pre-Work Schedule

Participants are expected to complete approximately 40 hours of work prior to the first in-class session. Participants will be issued a book on HTML & CSS and will need to demonstrate competency of these technologies by creating a static web page, using the concepts discussed in the book.  We recommend that participants budget approximately 20 hours per week for two weeks prior to the beginning of the course to complete this work.


Presentation of website.


An untyped, dynamic, interpreted, runtime language present in all modern web browsers.


Javascript framework for building interactive, dynamic web pages.


Styling of website.


A cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.


Database language and dialect to store and retrieve information.


Minimal and flexible framework for NodeJS.


An open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side web applications.

Bootstrap 3

A sleek, intuitive, mobile-first, front-end CSS framework for faster and easier web development.