Coding Bootcamp and You: A Love Story

For the first couple entries, I discussed my decision to make a pivot and switch careers from fitness to tech. But what is coding bootcamp like? Is it really possible to learn multiple languages over the course of 10–12 weeks and learn them to a level that can make you employable? Is it worth the 10–20,000 price tag?

The simple (yet painfully unfulfilling) answer: Results may vary.

As I believe I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m wrapping up week 8 out of 10 of a Full Stack Python Development curriculum. During these weeks, I’ve gotten my fingers (all 9 of them… more on that in a later post) typing away on Python, Django, SQL, JavaScript, AngularJS, JQuery, HTML/CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap and more. It’s been a hell of a ride. One that I feel that I was equipped for due to prior experience and also by setting a significant expectation on myself early on. Barring anything else, I was determined to be a success story coming out of bootcamp and to have a career immediately after program completion.

A lofty goal, to be sure, but there was no way I was going to enter this thing only to fail. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have reservations. On one hand it sounds like a platform for highway robbery while on the other it sounds too good to be true. Pay 10k and end up with a career paying anywhere from 60–100k after only 10 weeks? Psh, yeah right buddy. If you believe that, I got a bridge to sell ya!

Here’s the thing though: the most successful coding bootcamp applicant possesses a handful of important traits:

  • Perspective: They realize that this is an opportunity not to be taken lightly, either due to the short time frame or the price tag. Or some other reason unique to them.
  • Ambition: They are consistently looking for the next challenge. If they’ve completed a homework assignment with a given language, the set about finding more challenges.
  • Self-Promotion: You HAVE to be able to sell yourself. Put any qualms about seeming “cocky” or full of yourself to the side. Put your best qualities forward, talk about what you can and want to do. Believe that the company you’re interviewing with will be thankful that they’ve employed you as an asset. Then deliver.

Armed with those traits, I marched in and did everything I could to achieve success. It also lit a fire under my butt that I encountered plenty of naysayers. Nothing is more motivating than a handful of people to prove wrong, yknow?

So should you join a coding bootcamp? I would suggest doing your research and coming to your own conclusions. However, I can vouch for my experience. Coding Temple has been great. The instructors are great, the office manager and financial and marketing guys are great. The environment is laid back and incredibly enjoyable. I’ve got one likely job offer and a couple others in the pipeline, too. Mainly because I applied myself.

A final piece of advice: consider this an investment in your life and your future. Take it seriously and you’ll be set for life in a field that has innumerable twists and turns. If you haven’t gone to college and go to coding bootcamp, you’ve also saved yourself tens of thousands of dollars toiling away in a university model that is archaic at best. Work hard, seek new challenges in and out of class, and reap the benefits.

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