The Brief

The skills and experience that students achieve at Coding Temple takes them a long way. We offer small classes, so students are able to have a more one on one interaction with our teachers. Our curriculum is designed to make students feel confident and be successful in the workforce once they have completed our course.

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Office : 222 W. Ontario St. #450 Chicago, IL 60654
Mail : Phone : (773)-328-8471

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Our Story

Coding Temple was founded in 2014 with the fundamental goal of preparing students for the most in-demand development jobs in the industry through an in-depth, accelerated curriculum.

Coding Temple provides an intensive, portfolio-based curriculum in order to prime eager applicants with the skills needed to enter the Web Development job market.

Through a mixture of interactive group discussions, hands-on-exercises, and individual projects, participants gain competency in skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, T-SQL, AngularJS, Git, ASP.NET MVC, and EntityFramework.

All of our courses are delivered by experienced instructors, and we maintain a low student-to-faculty ratio. These two factors are paramount to effectively communicating our course material in a short amount of time.

We also work to develop the “soft skills” of our participants, and assist them in finding and interviewing for potential job opportunities, ensuring them a long and successful career as web developers.

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Who We Work With

Coding Temple has strong relationships with industry leaders and pioneers in the tech space to help you bridge the gap between being a student and becoming a professional developer.

In Demand Programming Stacks NationWide

At Coding Temple we strive to teach the most sought-after technologies in the industry. While the job market is constantly evolving, so is our curriculum.

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3 Steps to Your Success

While many programming bootcamps are popping up, Coding Temple has become one of the premier schools in Chicago. We have always believed that a portfolio-building course curriculum, mixed with hands-on training and extensive job preparation, is crucial to success. Working closely with every student as an individual with different goals and needs is a key component of our teaching strategy.


By graduation, you’ll have a strong foundation of projects to show recruiters and build on throughout your career.


You’ll work one on one with experienced developers who will tailor their curriculum to your learning style and career aspirations.


Coding Temple will be a career resource for you, providing interview prep, resume reviews, and valuable connections to industry leaders in hiring positions.

Bootcamp Facts at a Glance

Our friends over at Course Report have been compiling statistics from all participating programming bootcamps since 2014.  The results are compelling and speak volumes for the future of accelerated learning programs



Most bootcamp participants come with 6 years of working experience in an unrelated field and have no background in programming.



The average age of a bootcamp student is 29. Coding Temple has taught and placed students from 18 to 50 years old.



Industry averages show bootcamp graduates are placed in a new full-time job within 4 months of graduation. Coding Temples average is 45 days



Bootcamp graduates see an average increase in salary of 40% or $25,000 - double the avg. tuition cost.


We strongly believe that our hands-on training and portfolio-based curriculum separate us from other programming schools in the industry.  But don’t just take our word for it – see testimonials below from graduated students!